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Unimat Comfort Tile Flooring

octubre 31, 2016
The Unimat Comfort Tile Flooring is a Flexible recycled and waterproof PVC 12” x 12” tile great for indoor and outdoor uses. Cushion surface helps reduce fatigue, and its design allows drainage for dry surface work areas. This drain through cushioned matting will enhance the cleanliness of the work place and promote safer environment. It is very easy to install and can be used for large areas, ideal for pools, showers, saunas and work spaces. Available with Black and Yellow Beveled Edges. Interlocking beveled ramps add extra safety and finished look. The 12” x 12” Unimat Comfort Tile provide 5 years warranty.
There are three different styles:
·       Standard Black Tile
·       Grit Top Unimat Comfort Tile
·       Color Unimat Comfort Tile
Features and benefits
·       Mats have been designed with anti-skid technology
·       Extra safety against tripping provided by beveled edges
·       Material: recycled flexible vinyl with waffle grid surface
·       Thickness: 3/4
·       Surface: Unimat Comfort Tile – Open Mesh / Grit Tile – Grit, Open Mesh / Cushion Color Tile – Open Mesh
·       Available with Black and Yellow Beveled Edges
·       Available colors: Black / Grit Tile: Black / Color Unimat Comfort Tile: Blue, Red, Green, Gray, Yellow, White & Pool Blue
·       Easy to clean          
·       Labs
·       Schools
·       Locker rooms
·       Around swimming pools
·       Workshops
·       Factories
·       Warehouses
·       Industrial workstations

·       General Industries


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